Image Credits: Puro Chingon Collective, 2016. Photo Courtesy of Roj Rodriguez.

From left to right: Claudia Aparicio-Gamundi, James Huizar, and Claudia Zapata

The Puro Chingón Collective is a Latinx art trifecta specializing in happenings, the activation of nontraditional spaces,
designer toys, and art zines. Collective members are Texas Latinx artists: Claudia Aparicio-Gamundi, James Huizar,
and Claudia Zapata. In 2012, the Collective formed after their initial creation of ChingoZine , a Latinx arts publication. ChingoZine
is part of the Barnard Zine Library Collection, Pratt Institute Libraries, and Texas A&M University Zine Collection among several
other libraries and research centers. In 2013, the Collective initiated "The Puro Chingón Social Club," a monthly Latinx–themed cinema
program presented at the North Door in Austin, Texas. For previous programs, the Puro Chingón Collective conducted interactive
 film viewings of movies such as Mi Vida Loca , Y Tú Mama Tambien , and Selena . Audience members received props that coincided with
 key scenes in the film, allowing viewers to augment their experience in a whimsical fashion reminiscent of the Rocky
Horror Picture Show. In 2014, the Collective designed the Pachanga Latino Music Festival and debuted their designer toy line,
Chingolandia. Their designer toys are currently part of Mexic-Arte Museum's permanent collection.
The Collective has worked with Birds Barbershop, Fusebox Festival, Trans-Pecos Festival,
Creative Action, and Juiceland.
The Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection holds
their official archives. Please email purochingoncoll@gmail.com for any inquiries.